About Us

The Electric City Aquarium and Reptile Den is honored to showcase animals from both land and sea. With a dedication to education and conservation, our 20,000+ square foot facility has been carefully planned to accommodate each member of our animal, reptile and fish “family”.

Everyday, our goal is to celebrate and educate! Our message is all about respect for each species that swims, wiggles, walks, crawls and slithers.

The message of conservation is one that we cannot take lightly. It is our responsibility to help protect and not neglect the creatures with which we share our planet. We feel our efforts to educate will have a profound affect and all those who visit our facility. A visit today will not only impact our generation, but generations who follow.

Just take a moment and think about this… A young child visits today and is immediately impacted by viewing the aquatic life in the aquarium. Yes, at 3 yrs. of age, it’s very captivating to watch fish of all different colors and species swim freely. A child doesn’t realize the dangers of pollution or threats these species face by overfishing.

Fast-forward 20 years, that young child who walked into the Electric City Aquarium and Reptile Den now has dreams of being a Marine Biologist. One visit altered the course of that child’s life. Now, we know not everyone who visits will become a Marine Biologist, but we know everyone who walks out our doors will have a broader knowledge of how they too can help with conservation and be a better “friend” to all different kinds of species.


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