Reptile Den

We understand how sometimes things that crawl and slither often cause people to feel uncomfortable and even make them squirm. However, when you visit our Reptile Den, we don’t want you to be intimidated by Monica the Monitor or frightened by Bella the Boa. Instead, it is our hope that you have an understanding of their vitality in natural habitats. Scaly, cold-blooded reptiles are actually very cool to learn about!

Reptiles are usually egg-laying vertebrates and are often threatened by this very fact. Loss of habitat and predation of their eggs are two main factors for the decline in the reptile population. While we know this to be true, we want you to focus on the positive aspects of reptiles and how critical they are to the ecosystem.

While visiting, you’ll see an array of amphibians along with reptiles of all sizes including tortoises, lizards, crocodilians and snakes. On your self-guided tour, our expert keepers will share fun, educational facts; help you to identify the similarities and differences of each species; and assist you with recognizing what makes reptiles so unique.

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Your reptile experience at the Electric City Aquarium
and Reptile Den is one you won’t soon forget!